The Top 5 Benefits of Being a High Roller

Casinos love to pamper patrons who spend the most money on the games they offer. These patrons are who we call the high rollers. Casinos will often go out of their way to ensure that these patrons are happy and their gaming experiences so extraordinary that they will look forward to coming back for more. The few lucky gamblers that make the high rollers cut enjoy quite a number of lucrative perks that everyone else can only hope for. Some of the best casino bonuses these individuals enjoy include:

1. Generous Cashback Offers

One of the most popular incentives that physical and online casinos use to lure players into their high rollers circle is cashback offers. These essential bonuses that the players get often based on the amount they wager or the amount they deposit in the case of online casinos. While the requirements to receive cashback offers tend to vary from casino to casino, they are usually almost similar and range between 10 and 15 percent. These cashback offers are designed to be obviously beneficial to the player and may go as high up as 25 percent for top VIP high rollers.

2. Sweet Rewards

The most efficient way to attract and retain players in a casino is to offer rewards to players. For high rollers, however, the rewards are especially lucrative and are offered primarily on the basis of how much they spend. A typical casino has different player tiers – including different tiers within the high rollers tier – all structured to reward the best players with the sweetest rewards. When you play your way to the top essentially bonus of the high rollers, you may even earn points on regular basis that enable you to continue enjoying exclusive rewards such as merchandise, tournament entries, and cash even when you don’t play.

3. Special Discounts

Just like everything else, the thrill that casinos offer costs money. Regardless of how much money they have in the bank, every player will always be on the lookout for the best deal that will save a buck or offer something extra for what they plan to spend. A special discount for deposits and withdrawals is the most distinguished players is a sure way for casinos to make their high rollers feel more special than anyone else – and it works. This explains why the high rollers enjoy that slight affirmation of happiness that makes their day a little more pleasant every time they get a special discount on their deposits.

4. Loyalty Programs

Most online casinos today offer loyalty programs on which players can accumulate points while they play. These points can later be converted into rewards or redeemed for other special offerings. High rollers in these casinos can also get to move up the tiers based on the points they accumulate. This upward rise opens up more opportunities for the player to enjoy extra perks which ordinary players only read about.

5. Special Attention from Staff

Sometimes, the best gift a player can get is a little personalized entertainment. In physical casinos, this may include invitation to exclusive parties, designated parking, and meeting celebrities. For online casinos, the high rollers can enjoy VIP status, invitation to VIP gambling rooms, and faster processing of deposits and withdrawals. In some casinos, high rollers get personal hosts that will attend to the player’s every need.

Being a high roller in a casino comes at a price, but in most cases, the investment is worth the benefits the status offers. These are just five of the top benefits most casinos offer that should entice any player to want to join the club.

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