Why It’s Useful to Have Multipliers in Online Slots

Online Slots Multiplier Features

More often than not, players gamble in the hope that they will earn a lot of money as payouts. The idea of having multipliers in slots is therefore a good one as far as making gamblers happy. The high-flying gaming software developers are in on it too – current games are not only attractive in visual and audio effects but they are also attractive for their slot multiplier features. When you realize that a slot game has a multiplier feature, you better apply all your winning tactics to scoop something because the multiplier will increase what you would have ordinarily taken home. Knowing which games have multipliers and which ones do not is not hard; check from the paytable. Actually, you do not even need to have a player account to do this.

Does that sound too good to be true? Well, winning is always possible in theory but actual play can get quite frustrating. While some games have a predetermined amount of money you will win if you land a winning combination, others have multipliers on bets and winnings. You are lucky if your wins are doubled but this can be as high as triple or even more.  Some slots even have multipliers of 10 times.

Every gaming developer strives to be as different as possible from the competition in as much as they want to offer the player what is trending. It is for this reason that the largest software gurus have unique multiplier preferences. A player needs to decide which slot multiplier feature is most appealing to them before they start playing. Quite frankly, they are all beneficial as is discussed below;

Base Play Multipliers

Most slots do not offer base game multipliers simply because they want players to unlock this function by their own effort. Saying that they are rare does not mean the same as saying that they do not exist. If you do come across a slot game that has this feature, stick around for a while and see how the game play puns out.

What can you expect if you find a slot with a base game multiplier and decide to try your hand at it? Look out for the payline value because this is what will be multiplied by the multiplier number to arrive at your actual winnings.  For instance, let us assume that you are playing a slot machine that offers an x3 multiplier, your payout after you win will be 3 times the amount indicated for the symbol on the paytable. Generally, it is a no-brainer that is easy to interpret when you come across it.

Free Spins Multipliers

This kind is so common that even the freshest players will know about it. Not only that, they are quite generous too. The free spins multiplier takes on different sizes and shapes but bottom-line is the fact that players can anticipate win upon win each time they play. Did you know that some slot machines allow players to choose their own multiplier? In such cases, the higher the slot multiplier goes the less the free spins become. Still other slot machines have a predetermined slot multiplier which players know before they begin to play. For the random multiplier option, players only get to know the value of the multiplier upon a win or inplay.

When you encounter a game with a multiplier, you will realize that the base game differs from playing in the free spin rounds. In some cases, the value of the multiplier increases as a direct reflection of the number of wins obtained. For instance, if you consider Mega Moolah Isis Slot by Microgaming, you will realize that the x6 multiplier is triggered only on free spin rounds. If you win any money from playing this game, the x6 multiplier will be applied with no regard for the amount of money placed as bet.

Scattered Multipliers

Slot machines can also use scatter symbols to indicate the presence of a multiplier feature. The scatter symbols appear on the reels just like the other symbols but in some cases will play the role of a multiplier. In such cases, it is not necessary for a scatter to appear on a payline to form a winning combination. Even if they appear on any other area of the reels, they will still be considered to have constituted a win.

Multiplying Wilds

A multiplying wild is the second leading multiplier in terms of popularity with casino players. You will come across this feature in most slots at online casinos and it is one of the easiest to use. The wild in this case acts like the multiplier. If for example you spin the reels and they stop at a winning combination that has a single wild, that particular win gets multiplied on that paytable’s multiplier. In most cases, x2 is the most common wild multiplier.

Examples of Large Slot Multiplier Features

Knowing that you can win such huge payouts from gambling makes betting something you can consider. If you are eager to sample some of the multiplier wins in slots, the following should offer a head start;

  • Lucky 88 Slot by Aristocrat
  • Capt Quid’s Treasure Chest Slot by IGT
  • Harvey’s Slot by Microgaming
  • Choy Sun Doa Slot by Aristocrat
  • Cleopatra II Slot by IGT

Clearly, very few casino features can be as outstanding as the slot multiplier. You will not find them in all slot machines so you must search for them if you are interested in playing with this feature. Some of the multipliers might seem complicated to use as you begin to play but you will quickly master how they work.

All said, your slot gaming experience is never complete without a multiplier feature. They not only keep you thrilled throughout you play but also give you something to look forward to beyond the wins.

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