Different Types of Slot Machines for Various Kinds of Players

Slot Machine Type

When you make entry into any casino, land-based or online casinos, you might be lost for choice on where to begin. There is so much color flashing before your eyes and every game appears different. Well, that is because they actually are, and this applies mainly to the slots. Each slot machine type fall under different categories based on not only the theme but also factors such as minimum bet amounts and active pay lines. When you decide to play on a particular slot, you better have all the information regarding its wager requirement, payouts and winning criteria. Every slot machine player is unique so it only makes sense for each to pick a machine that matches their preferences;

Single-Coin Machines

These machines are a bit old if you consider advancement in the casino scene over the last 20 years or so. Playing a single coin machine requires that a player has a single coin to play with at a time. Although they are on the verge of becoming obsolete, such games are best suited for players whose sole interest at a casino is to pass time and perhaps socialize. The credits on such games last for while so players who do not have much to spend can still engage in meaningful play at a casino.


The more you invest, the more you are likely to gain if you win. This is the analogy that drives the multiplier slot machine type. A multiplier machine gives a payout that is proportional to the bet placed. The exception here is when a player places the maximum bet amount which has much larger rewards. Multiplier slots accept single coin betting but attract mostly those who are eager to make a quick buck. If you have a large amount of money you can afford to gamble, by all means try your luck at a multiplier slot.

Buy-Your-Pay Machines

As the name indicates, the buy-your-pay slot machines allow players to activate as many winning combinations as they can afford. A single spin of this machine only happens if a player wagers between 1 to 5 coins. Only play on a buy-your-pay machine if you do not mind the frustration that comes with knowing that had you put more coins on the table you would have won big.

Multiple Payline Machines

Slots machines typically have a single payline which is where symbols will line up to form a winning combination. The multiple payline Slot machine type allows players to activate extra paylines by adding more credits. A player knows that a payline has been activated because the indicator lights will illustrate it. The multiple payline slots are for players who are looking to have a good time spinning the reels, without anticipating a win.

Wild Play Machines

In a wild play slot, players are served with extra thrill by the fact that they can walk away with double, triple or even four times their winnings. This slot machine type has a special wild which substitutes other symbols and is especially helpful in completing near-miss winning combinations. Are you feeling a bit lucky today? Maybe you should try your hand on a wild play slot machine – you have got nothing to lose.

Progressive Slot Machines

Playing a progressive jackpot slot means that you are playing on a single machine within a group where each individual contributes to the jackpot. You may choose to focus on a single machine but every time any of the contributing slots is played, the jackpot amount goes up. Modern day progressive slots have linked multiple slots from various casinos giving players an epic experience. This slot machine type is for those who get bored easily but are aiming for the jackpot.

Big Berthas

When you enter any casino establishment, the first machine you will see will probably be a Big Bertha. Although they are not as profitable as many of the other slots, they offer an interesting welcome experience for new players. These slot machines are quite large in build hence the name.

Multi-Game Machines

Suited for players who find thrill in playing multiple games at once, the multi-game machine allows slot machine players to switch between multiple games within a single play session. Depending on the financial ability of a player, they can place different denomination bets on each of the games they are playing.

Touch-Screen Machines

The touch-screen technology does not only apply to mobile phone – many casino games manufacturers are offering it in slot machines. The most popular have a screen that has been embedded into a surface and provides space to resting the hands. These are for the modern casino player who is a bit younger and seeks entertainment from slots.

Reel Slot Machine

A reel slot machine type typically has 3, 4, or 5 reels but some can have as many as 10. When the slot machine first hit the gambling scene, rolling the reels was synonymous to pulling on a mechanical lever. Modern reel slots are electronic and it only takes a touch of a button to activate a spin.

Video Slot Machines

These are slot machines that are basically run by computer software. The main difference between video slots and reel slots is that video slots can have as many as 100 paylines in a single game. In addition, playing video slots means that players can land bonuses in-play (bonus games & free spins). Video slots are a favorite among young players, internet savvy and who have a desire to draw major returns from gambling.

Regardless of the category or type of betting game you decide to play on, you will soon discover that no other casino game is as entertaining as the slots. Some are offline on land-based casinos while the newer versions are online based. Each of these avenues is good depending on your mood, how much interaction you want with the machines and how much you value socializing. Every slot machine player needs to play on a machine they can afford and still find entertainment.

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