GoWild Casino Tournaments

Playing at a casino should be fun and interactive and that is why we have GoWild Casino tournaments. So what exactly is it? This is the section which houses the multitude of tournaments. Note the emphasis on the word ‘tournaments’ – because there are many hosted tourneys either on a daily, weekly or the monthly frequency.

Choose between the free or paid the GoWild Casino Tournaments – whereby an invitation or an entry fee is required in order to join.  Just as an FIY – Generally the more you pay to join a tourney, then the higher the prize pool and the more potential of scoring big.

Types of GoWild Casino Tournaments

There are two classifications of tournaments at GoWild Casino – Free-rolls and guaranteed tournaments. Free-rolls are generally free to all players while guaranteed tournaments are those with an entry fee and a determined prize pool – published before the start of the tournament.

To know which tourney to play in; players will have to look out for the scheduled tournaments – these starts at a specified time after a minimum number of players have registered. However, some GoWild casino tournaments will be invitation only so you will have to keep checking your inbox for more details. Open tournaments are those that are open to players to register and are about to start while In-Play tournaments are those that have started.

How to Play GoWild Casino Tournaments

The casino is available on instant flash and on a GoWild download version.  For GoWild instant flash version, players will only be required to click on the ‘Join Now ‘ tab on the open and scheduled tournament to start playing.

On both platforms they will have a fairly similar process of signing up as summarized below:

Step 1: In the casino lobby, select the Games view tab.
Step 2: Go to the tournament section to see what’s avail.Tournaments
Step 3: Make your preferred selection and register.Tournaments

You can find all the available GoWild casino tournaments conveniently along with the important details by clicking the link below.