7 Most Popular Casino Games in Asia

Casino Games in Asia

Asia is the largest continent in the world, but also it’s probably the most important gambling destination. Over the last few years, Asia has grown into the giant gambling continent that it is today.

In the past, Chinese gamblers, for instance, had to travel all the way to the United States and, specifically Las Vegas, to try their luck in gambling. But, after sometime, the economies of the Asian countries grew immensely and people are allowed to gamble.

The largest casinos in the world are actually located in Asia which is why this article is so important. And, apart from that countries like Macau have gambling revenue that runs their entire economy. In 2015, the country had more than 28 billion dollars’ worth of gambling revenue.

Some of the casino operators are mainly wealthy Chinese billionaires; but, some of the people who own casinos in Asia come from Las Vegas. That is why you’d find literally any game played in the United States in an Asian casino.

But because every culture has its own preferred games, Asia pays more attention to specific casino games. That is why some of these games are more popular in Asia than they are in the United States or in place of the world. Find the top casino games in Asia here.


Believed to have been founded by Italian gambler Felix Falguiere a few hundreds of years ago baccarat, then spread to the entire world, especially you due to the sailing activities. Many baccarat players were mainly travelers and sailors, as well as army officers that used to travel to the costs and parts of Southern Asia.

Like a game of cards on decks, baccarat has continued to flourish, especially in Asia. Baccarat is specifically the most popular game you will find in Macau which is probably the world’s greatest gambling destinations.

 In the past, the game was mainly played by wealthy ex-pats, but; today, everyone does it, including the millions of people in Asia as well as tourists. And, even though success in baccarat highly depends on chance and your luck there’s several professional gamblers who use sophisticated strategies to beat the house.

The house edge for baccarat ranges from 1.1 to 1.2% in Asia depending on the end. This means that the game is quiet the rewarding and might be the reason why it’s the most popular game you can play in an Asian casino.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is believed to have originated in Asia. Also known as the Precious Dice, the game has been in existence in China for 4000 to 3000 years, including the days when emperors and other sovereigns ruled over the land. In the 20th century, Chinese immigrants brought it to North America, and it’s now popular around the world.

Sic Bo is a game of chance and luck, and it’s played with three dice that are cast to determine numbers that can win a bet. The main aim is to roll the three dice and predict the numbers that might come up.

You place your wager on the table will depend on the emergence of numbers from the casting of dice is. It’s similar to a roulette but it’s a little more fast paced and hers rules that anyone can understand.

Pai Gow

Just as in the case of Sic Bo, Pai Gow is one of the games that have a long history in the Asian gambling culture. You can find Pai Gow in many New Zealand online casinos as well as those of brick-and-mortar. But, the game is called the Chinese Dominoes in the majority of online casinos and is quite popular around the continent.

You score when you can add the total on your dominoes. You just remove one from a double figure which means that 17 would become 7 and that is the highest score you get. Pai Gow is popular in backstreet Asia as well as casinos and online gaming platforms.


Mahjong is yet another fantastic Asian game that has a great rap among casino players. Historians say that the mahjong game is 2000 to 3000 years old. There are lots of historical sources and pieces of evidence showing that Asian dynasties and Ancient Emperors played mahjong. Others believe that it originated from Japan before spreading out to the rest of the world.

Mahjong is a game of dominoes and beautiful tiles. In most cases 13 tiles are dealt and the aim is to form 4 dominoes and ahead of two tiles. At first glance, you might find mahjong a little complex, but; after watching and playing with the free credits you get in online casinos you will be able to understand the rules. Mahjong has lots of profits and rewards and if you get fortunate enough to be playing in an Asian casino you should certainly try it out.

Fan Tan

Fun tan is one of the most popular games that you can find in a typical Asian casino. The dealer typically places the buttons and pieces at the center of the table that contains numbers and then uses a metal ball to cover them.

Then, the players from each side of the table, which usually are marked from 1 to 4, choose the best. From the lenses of a person who isn’t rain or an amateur, their game is quite tricky but if you get deep down in it you that it has principles similar to those of roulette.


Pachinko is one of the most influential games in Asian gambling. In 2017, for instance, the game brought nearly $23 billion to the Macau revenue basket.

If you are conversant with the slot machines found in the western world and casinos, you will be able to learn Pachinko a little easier. Many locals and tourists find it a must-play game.

The older versions of pachinko have reels that rotate while the new versions normally have large animated screens.

Then, the machines have beautiful decorations. The spinning is activated by metal balls and it’s easy to tell that the game is a mixture of slot and paintball.

It takes time to win again because they are quite slowly which means you might want to play them when you are a little generous with your time.

As the Asian economy continues to grow, many countries keep changing their legislation to favor gambling. And this means that Asian casinos are bound to grow immensely. The kind of traction that you find in these seven most popular casino games in Asia is enough evidence.

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