Blackjack Insurance Explained

Blackjack Insurance Explained

The blackjack insurance is a side bet. It is a popular feature that blackjack players can use. You are usually allowed to take up the opportunity at any time the dealer’s card is the prominent Ace. In short, you will be betting that the dealer possesses a Blackjack. The dealer then asks all the players whether they would wish to bring up a side bet, and they will answer “Insurance open”.

You will, therefore, be prompted to use the insurance option, and if you choose to, then you will have to place half the amount of your bet to the insurance before the insurance is closed. If at all the dealer has the Blackjack, then you will be paid 2-1 on the side bet you placed. If he does not have it, then you automatically lose the blackjack insurance bet and carry on with the game.

When playing Blackjack online, you have to be keen on a notification that usually pops up, asking you to deny or confirm the side bet. When a player says that they are taking even money, it means that they are doing away with the 3-2 blackjack bonus, and their concentration is on winning the original wager. In short, the insurance is put up, and in case the dealer has a blackjack, they win. If they do not hit a blackjack, then the player will have lost on the insurance, but they will be compensated the time they will be paid the 3-2 blackjack.

You should, however, be very vigilant of the situation at hand before taking up a side bet. Although it may look lucrative to take up the insurance if the dealer possesses an Ace, it could lead to considerable losses in the long run. That is because technically, four cards initiate the Blackjack for that dealer while nine cards do not. However, taking the insurance bet is recommended if you went for a considerable wager. You could also take the side bet if you are almost hitting a target, and you could probably achieve your objective by asking the even money.

Blackjack insurance is said to be taking a bet on probability. Usually, there is a third probability that the second card the dealer has is a 10. The player will lose the insurance bet if the dealer does not have a blackjack even though they have a chance to win something since the original bet is still in play.

Majority of the Blackjack variations offer side bets to players though the Super Fun 21 is not included. Rules for this Blackjack are liberal; hence no need for the insurance. However, the Super Fun Blackjack gives even money, unlike other Blackjack games.

How a Blackjack Insurance Bet Works

Blackjack game commences when all the players have placed their bets. To place a bet, you place the chips you want to wager into a specific circle or square. Before settling at a Blackjack table, it is crucial first to see the maximum and minimum bets allowed so that you stay within limits.

The dealer gives the cards after all gamblers have honored their bets then every player awarded two cards. You are not supposed to touch the cards; otherwise, that will be cheating. One of the cards for the dealer should be faced down. In case the dealer’s card that is facing up is an Ace, then you will have the chance to take a side bet.

This insurance bet must be placed when you receive your two cards. By taking the side bet, you are merely saying that the dealer’s cards will be a Blackjack and the Hole card to be a 10. It is an additional bet, so it is not mandatory, you can pass it if you do not wish to take it. If the dealer turns his Hole card and it is a Blackjack, you are compensated 2:1.

This insurance bet is not in any way related to your initial wager. You can win both the insurance bet and the initial one. If you are not lucky, you can lose the two bets, but on infrequent occasions can you win both wagers.

How to Take the Side Bet

You will only be allowed to take up this bet if the dealer asks you. Every player will be asked individually if they would wish to place the insurance bet. In case you decide to take the insurance bet, then you will have to put the chips at the designated region on the Blackjack table. If the initial bet was $20, then the insurance bet will have to be $10.

If you are playing online and the dealer’s card is Ace, a notification window will appear on your screen bearing the word “Insurance” where you can take it or decline it.

Merits and Demerits of Taking Blackjack Insurance Bet

As you may have noticed, insurance is an option readily available in almost all Blackjack games. The main reason is that many players fancy utilizing it though experts warn that it is a bad bet. Usually, insurance bet can pose a significant danger to your finances, and if you are willing to see if it can benefit you, then it is better not to try.  The bet is, however, very resourceful to card counters who are fully aware of when to take up insurance bets that will produce the desired outcome.

In case you are not a card counter, then probably you could learn one or two things about it before you start taking up the side bet via guides provided. Avoid the insurance bet if you feel you are not well prepared for it in terms of strategies and techniques. Statistics show that insurance bets are never beneficial to a player, only on infrequent occasions.

Although the experts do not think that this bet can benefit you, there are some instances where they can help you get a great deal. That is more so when you want your Blackjack to produce profits. Like for example, if you both have Blackjack then you will not be compensated for the Blackjack, but if you had a side bet, you would be paid 2:1.

Bottom Line

The debate on whether to take a blackjack insurance bet has no definite answer. It is all up to the player to conduct his research to understand the bet more clearly. This way, they will know whether to take up the wager when the time comes or not. Professional opinion, however, is to insure a blackjack with a hand and gain the guaranteed returns.

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