5 Tips on How to Win at Baccarat

If you have ever played baccarat, then you must know that there’s not much thinking involved in the game. The only thing you should really think about is who to bet on Player, Banker or Tie. The house edge for all three is different, the one for the Tie being the largest, 14.36%. The Banker’s hand house edge is 1.06% and the Player’s is 1.24%.

Now, as soon as you get familiar with the house edge and the three possible bets, you might as well start wagering. But, what’s the best option to bet on? There are some useful Baccarat tips you could use, explained by experienced players.

Make the Banker First Bet

As soon as you visit a casino, make sure that your first bet is on the Banker. The thing is, the Banker wins more than 50% of the time so you might as well bet on the Banker first. Bear in mind that on this bet 5% commission is taken from it every win.

Skip the Tie Bet

Although the house edge might seem attractive, think about how much you’re gonna lose if the Banker wins. And as we said, the Banker will most likely win, so don’t waste your time and more importantly money on the Tie bet.

In Fact, Stick with Banker

If you actually see that the Banker is on a streak, you should stick with it and bet until the Banker loses. However, do not bet great amounts because although there’s a streak, there’s a house edge as well, don’t forget.

After Banker Loses, Take a Break

As we said previously, bet on the Banker until the Banker loses. Then what? Then, you take a nice break. Take your time to think things through and then make your decision. When making your decision think about the house edges, that might help you.

When Player Loses, Jump on Banker

It’s as simple as that: when the Player loses, you instantly jump on the Banker, you don’t wait and think about it. As we mentioned, the Banker is usually on a streak. So, keep betting on the Banker, that’s the safest option.

If you’ve been reading carefully, you got the idea. It’s simple. First, bet on the Banker, and if you see that the Banker is on a streak, continue betting on the Banker until the Banker loses. When the Banker loses, you take a break and make your next move. Think twice before deciding to bet on a Tie, as you have a lot to lose if you don’t win. You might as well try the Player next, but if the Player loses, get back to betting on the Banker.

In conclusion, if you think about it logically, the statistics say it all. Though there are house edges in between, still the chances are 50% that the Banker bet will bring you money. Keep this number in mind the next time you visit a casino and try out your luck.

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