5 Secrets That Casinos Don’t Want You To Know

Naturally, any industry has its own little secrets that aren’t available for the public eye. The casino industry in particular. You’re always going to a casino without really knowing what you’re getting into. Sure, you will notice that there are too many cameras and you may even get a little bit paranoid about them, but besides that, you probably have no idea what’s going on behind the curtains. What you definitely don’t know is that you actually enjoy most of their casino secret tricks.

The Art of Seduction in the Casino Design

If you look closer the next time you visit a casino, you will see that the way out takes quite the journey. This is due to the labyrinth design. This, accompanied by the many sparkling lights, waiters with margaritas and exciting sounds makes it almost impossible not to be attempted to play on another slot or table. And, one of the most outrageous things that you might or might not notice is that not a single casino has a clock on the wall. Having in mind that the phones are forbidden, you basically have no idea what the time is at any point in your casino stay.

Speaking of Seduction, How Are Those Drinks and Snacks?

You might have thought that casinos offer drinks and food for free just to make you feel at home, or reward you for your presence or whatnot, but actually, these are not at all for free. The money each player loses is more than enough to cover the expenses for them. Even if you deposit as little as £/$20 and you think that you outsmarted the casino for the 2 glasses of champagne or whiskey you had, you’re incredibly wrong.

Feel at Home Yet? Good.

Every single thing that you see in a casino is purposefully set in order to keep you in the casino for as long as possible. They employ the feel-at-home-design and make sure that every little detail such as lighting, sound effects, polite waitresses and dealers etc. make up a comfy environment – all of that is well thought-out.

You’re Being Watched the Moment You Set Foot in the Casino

The security watches every single one of your moves for many reasons. First of all, they watch your behaviour and if it is in any sense inappropriate, you will be kicked out. Secondly, if you win big, you are going to be thoroughly checked. This is because the casino has the right to check whether you were cheating and the win was legal. They will check the cameras and determine the outcome, but don’t worry, they never harass honest winners. 

Do Not Be Dumb Enough to Cheat

And finally, and most importantly, you should know that the main requirement for the security job position in a casino is having years of casino experience. And do you know why? Because casino owners need an expert who can tell all the signs when you’re cheating. Plus, they have the right to zoom in and see your cards if they suspect a foul play. Talk about real surveillance!

So I really hope you enjoyed reading this article and now you know the 5 main casino secrets that are used in the gaming industry.

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